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The fellowship in Miami held by the nation of יהוה  was epic!  It was in truth, a day of fun in the Sun.  At 77 degrees, the weather could not have been more perfect.  The spirit of יהוה  filled the park as friends, family, and brand new people came together at our pavilion.  Some were dressed in white, adorned with holy diadems.  Others came prepared to participate in the various sporting activities scheduled (which included Tennis, Basketball, Football, biking, skating, badminton, and kickball).  Some Nation of יהוה family members reunited again for the first time in over 2 decades.  There were 4 generations of people who were touched directly or indirectly by the teachings of the Honorable יהוה בּן יהוה . We were blessed with the company of some of our corporate sponsors, which include Builders of The Highway Foundation, Lyfe Entertainment, יהוה  University Neo Jazz School of Music, The Brothers and Sisters of Goodwill, A-Sharp Productions, and Agave Jewelers.  It truly was a