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We have acquired a new space at 1683 N. Claiborne Ave in New Orleans where we will launch the University of YHWH NJSM Community Center Complex.  We need your help to fund the renovation of this building. Upon reaching our fundraising goal of $100,000, we will be able to address the costs for build out.  We are eager to complete renovations by August 2015 so that we can resume programming and invite you and the community at large to join us in this transformative new space.  Help us to support this important work by becoming a member of the Neo Jazz School of Music’s Community of Caring.  

For more information about this project please review the University of YHWH NJSM Fundraiser Video.

Please consider making a donation today! You can conveniently make your donation today through PayPal here .

Thank you in advance for your support! All donations are tax deductible and will most certainly impact the lives of our young people to be empowered through music and cultural education.


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