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  1. Praise YHWH!
    Shalom to you,
    What a beautiful sight to see the work being done to honor His name on this earth in these times of wicked rule.
    The feet of iron and clay will soon be shattered and the kingdom of the whole earth shall be given to the children of the Most High (Daniel 2:31-45, 7:1-27).

    Surely our King shall return to establish His and our Father YHWH's kingdom on this earth. And of the abundance of His kingdom and peace shall never end (Isaiah 9:6-7; Zechariah 6:12-13; Psalm 2:1-10, 110:1-7; Revelation 19:11 - 20:6).

    B' shem Y'SHUA Ben YAHWEH . . . HalleluYAHWEH!
    Shalom Shalom,
    Daniel Ben YAHWEH

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