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O’ יהוה GOD of our salvation, Save us and gather us together, and deliver us from this heathen, so that we may give thanks unto thy holy name, and glory in thy praises.  Blessed be the Holy Name of יהוה (Yahweh) and ישׁראל (Yisrael) forever.

O’ יהוה Let them be confounded that persecute us, but let not us be confounded.  Let our enemies be dismayed, but let not us be dismayed. Bring upon our enemies the day of evil, and destroy them with double destruction.

O’ יהוה Forgive our fathers for breaking your laws, and please forgive us for breaking your laws. Help us to never bring shame against thy great Name, nor reproach against thy works.  

For surely we have turned ourselves unto thee O’ יהוה trying to be upright.  And as we confess our faults, please grant us protection against all of our faults, cleanse us of our secret faults, and guide us to the best of morals.

For surely our prayers and our sacrifices, our lives and our deaths are all for Thee O’ יהוה


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